Sunday, March 29, 2009

the trees

wrote a short story last night. will post soon. some kind of weirdness coming from my head recently.

Friday, March 27, 2009


from The Stargazers

I’m not trying to be difficult or trying to prove anything in particular. I am merely exhibiting that I can survive a happy, enlightened individual without help from somebody else. By somebody else I mean corporate America. Consumer culture. Want-get culture, as described in The Scavenger’s Manifesto. I don’t buy into that. Which is to say that I find consumer culture a sort of mind control, in a way. Corporations do a pretty fantastic job of making sure that the average citizen is only aware of particular realities, realities in which names like McDonald’s and Coca-Cola actually mean something. These companies, these brands, begin to have lives of their own, becoming infinitely relatable to the millions of people who all somehow “identify” with what the name means. The brand becomes their brand. Switch those blinders on.
And commercials. Fuck, those are the best, aren’t they? Fucking pump your brain with these images that you won’t be able to get out of your mind.
“Unhappy? Buy this shit!”
“Hey honey, that family on tv is kinda like ours! Let’s buy that brand new plasma screen!”
Oh, advertising is brilliant. Get the general populace to believe that their decisions are actually their own! Genius. Consumer culture is a fucking pill, willingly slobbered over and taken by so many people to keep their lives interesting and stable. Without such a routine, without such a comfortable little reality built by white men in suits to keep everyone sedated, then we’d start thinking about the good stuff. About humankind’s real potential. About equality, peace, art, passion, freedom, love. Dangerous ideas to a capitalist agenda. And they make sure you know that they’re dangerous.
I prefer to make up my own mind. I prefer to stand up and proudly proclaim, “You may fool some people, but you can’t fool me.” I will continue to live between the cracks, between the ticks of a clock, between the lines of your autobiography. I will not be a part of it.

Thursday, March 26, 2009



got these pens today at blick and a.c. moore, finally get to start drawin with some style. here's the rundown:

sweetness. swiped several of these micron pens of various sizes and colors, ranging from a nice big black brush pen to a .005 mm. awesome. so smooth and comfortable.

didn't quite get the whole pack of tombow abt acid-free double tipped markers, but picked up enough. just real nice brush pens.

oh hell yes. faber-castell artist pens in various thicknesses and colors. makes crayola feel like drawing with mud.

classy and classic. i've got a few tubes of basic and one big-ass tube of white for tagging. still holding out on spray paint -- haven't gotten around to hardware store.

big news: my first sketchbook is completed! started november 14 2008, my first moleskin notebook is quite the artifact, containing everything from essays, journal entries, drawings, paintings, sketches, lyrics, ramblings, found objects, and tons more shit from the depths of my infinitely insatiable mind. Put that one on the shelf -- time to start anew! it wouldn't be a stretch to proclaim that owning and using a sketchbook regularly changed my life.

and finally, a new era has begun:

mine's portrait-shaped rather than landscape, but boy is it nice. spiral bound, hardcover, sturdy, substantial pages suitable for watercolor, paint, or pen and marker as I'll utilize most often. This is bigger than any sketchbook I've owned so it'll be interesting to see the places I go.

coming soon:
  • kidrobot goodies!
  • lots of music to talk about
  • the absence of culture in CT - lol observations

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

necessary items

i had to take a dreaded trip to the meridan mall this afternoon to acquire some necessary items. i desperately needed incense and candles for my room, plus i had this coupon thing for borders that gave me 30 % of whatever i want that was gonna expire.

i bought the old standby: nag champa

i got tea candles at yankee candle.

onto borders. i hate consumerism but borders does have some halfway decent shit once in awhile. they were trying to get rid of all their CDs, so i obliged by finally picking up one of my recent favs

and some book that looked good. been meaning to get into this for quite some time. as if i don't have enough other shit to read.

what else?

oh yes, tags goin up. check out the most recent one:

coming soon: thoughts! music! things i'm into and you should be into as well. books! excitement.


Got this blog now son. Gonna be writin bout pretty much everything. Huzzah!